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Good Girl Gone Bad

There is a myth that natural makeup is more attractive. Well I think I just busted that myth (or maybe I was the only one who didn’t know?)

Here I was doing the good girl thing, being all subdued and natural for all these years, and it hasn’t gotten me much in return. No wonder that the Facebook test on “What is your magic power?” was not “wonder woman” but … “invisible woman”… thanks for the truth, Facebook!

I’ve always had mixed feelings towards black makeup and even black clothes for lighter skin and hair colours. My sister (who has black hair and a medium complexion) just loves to make the darkest smoky eyes on herself topped with 4 coats of mascara,  but I had the misconception that on my paler selft, it would somehow look “too much”.

I’m finding out, these days, that all the beauty of black lies in its application: over use it, and it can turn to heavy, but if you work with it, it can bring that definition and contrast to a smoky eye or for a simpler look.

The past month I’ve been getting in touch with the dark side, experimenting with different smoky effects and taking selfies to see how it translates into pictures. I’ve been pushing the amount I apply, and sometimes, I do get a goth look. But I have to admit it: I always secretly wanted to be a goth back in the nineties.

And after spending a good 20 minutes on a nice eye, why should I wipe it off? I’ve been motivating myself to be more daring: “Have some fun girl: wear it outside! To yoga class: to see if it holds up to the sweat. Just do it, and see what happens!”

I had to skip the whole beige/greige look that I usually like and go for darker clothes that would visually ground my look. Not that I had to, but the rock/witchy look was something I want to explore these days.

But instead of scaring little children (like I imagined I would), my new look has been getting a lot of attention—and not only from other women checking out my makeup, but also from men who don’t seem to bat a lash at talking to a shadowy lady with a ton of makeup on her upper lid. Maybe it’s because I’ve been going for a sexy rock chick look to justify all that smoked liner … maybe it’s a combination of both? Here I was trying to be an angel and when I pull out my dark, sultry side, I turn heads! I learned my lesson: you’ve got to work with the dark side, mix some of that temptress with the angel to make it interesting! If you want to find out my favourite black liners – click here.