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California Lips

I have to confess: I’ve never been to California, but I can’t seem to stop my California dreaming these days. So if you’re one of the lucky ones getting some sun, or you are just golden all year round, here are three relaxed red lip looks for you and your radiant skin (yes, I’m a bit jealous).

It’s nice to get a bit of glamour in when you need it,  but I often see girls with medium skin tones wearing red lips that are too blue for their warm and olive skin, and hopefully this post will help to stop the trend!

So if you want to look like a glamorous, sun kissed babe, here are my three picks. I have to also confess that my beautiful model, Ava who is part French and part Romanian, is normally tan during summer, but wasn’t! Montreal oblige, I added some warmth to her skin with a self-tanning lotion and some Matte Multiple in Cappadocia, a little coverage with my fave: Radiant Creamy Concealer, both by NARS. Ava’s eyebrows are just amazing on their own, so I let them be.

Above: I love gloss for darker skin tones, it softens the colour right away and brings a beautiful transparency. On the lips I put the “Red Apple” (I guess you can call it that) from the Hello Kitty One Apple a Day Lip Balm set from Sephora (which also contains a bright fuchsia and a reddish caramel shade). Unfortunately it’s not available online, but it’s still available at the stores. It’s a no fuss look with no lip liner. On the eyes I just put a brown liner and smudged it, and some gold on the lids. For a perfect red, try to find a shade that is warmer, because cool shades will stand out too much against the skin. What I liked about the Hello Kitty Lip Balm, is that it’s much warmer that most reds, but not an orange red.

Ava wearing Film Noir
Ava wearing Film Noir

Above: For the second look, I kept the eye makeup the same and I used Film Noir by M.A.C. It’s a scary shade in the tube, but on medium skin it looks like a beautiful oxblood red with a hint of brown. I mixed it with a transparent gloss to make it sheer and less dramatic, and it gave Ava’s lips instant sophistication.

Ava wears NARS larger than life lip gloss in Wonder
Ava wears NARS larger than life lip gloss in Wonder

My third look I went all out! My inspiration was Sade, and her sunset eyes, but to keep it modern I only used an orange eye shadow over the gold, and I lined the eyes with a dark liner pencil and smudged. I used NARS Larger than life gloss in Wonder or you can get the NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Timanfaya which is a much more intense pigment for a stronger lip. Orange looks amazing on warmer skin tones but it seems no one wants to give it a try. It’s so much softer than red and it can make a statement without looking too over the top. I can definitely see these lips at a beach party, with a nice dress.

So, who wants to go to California?

Model, Ava at Dulcedo
Photographer, Mauricio Ortiz.