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Balms Galore

Getting moisture back into your skin, with all natural and local products is a breeze with three super effective products that won’t leave a hole in your beauty budget.

Every winter my skin gets dryer, and every year I try to find the most hydrating (some would say greasy) creams. I’ve become partial to ingredients like Shea butter and coconut oil. I’ve met more than a few skincare experts while working as a beauty editor, and they all agree: it’s better to over-hydrate, rather than to under hydrate. Moisture is the natural barrier of your skin, and it’s important to keep that balance of water and oil to protect your face from the cold, dry wind, or the dry heated air. A lack of moisture can create all kinds of problems, worst of which pimples. So make sure to be on the dewy side. I’m also combining it whit my mission to find local products that perform as well as international brands.

Carriage 44 – I discovered their products at the Souk@Sat Christmas Market, last December. The Shea butter cream is actually almost all made up of Shea (80%), and it’s ultra-ultra-rich! It’s a great product to mix with your spring/summer products too boost their hydrating properties… you can slather it on your elbows, feet, or use it as a hydrating mask. You can find them at General 54 or through their Online Shop (18$). They also have great soaps, soy candles and lip balms! (Image above)


Dot&Lil – I love the hand made creams, soaps and all sorts of body and bath products. I think they have the best body butters, made with 80% Shea butter and sweet almond oil, and they come in a variety of great fragrances (16$). If you live in Montreal I’ve spotted them around the Mile-End and you can find exact locations here.

Zayat Aroma

Zayat Aroma – Has a full range of flower, bark and herb extracts sold as oils or infused water, or specially blended oils in different formats. I recommend some Rosehip oil, which contains Vitamin A, Omega 3&6 fatty acids to hydrate skin. You can also buy a few bottles and create your own custom mix of facial oils. Just go online and do some research to see what oils cans soothe your skin conditions. Based in Bromont, Zayat Aroma doesn’t have a website at the moment, but you can find their large selection of products at: Olam.


LVNEA– I know they don’t have any face creams or bath or body product (candles would be a great addition to their lineup), but I just had to mention them, yet another discovery from Souk@Sat. LVNEA consist of a collection of warm and earthy perfumes blends that have an incense-like quality and simplicity. I loved Black Spruce, a single note perfume, only available in solid format(25$), or Alchemie, a scented oil with Tonka bean with a faint rose-floral undertones that comes in a glass roller-ball container (35$). These scents fit perfectly with the fall/winter period, or for those, who like me, aren’t afraid to wear something with some gravitas all year round. You can find the roller-ball formats at the Tattoo Parlor/Hair Salon Two Horses, while the whole collection is available Online as well.