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The Boyfriend Perfume

There are boyfriend jeans, boyfriend jackets and sweaters. But best of all, is the boyfriend scent. Especially in the middle of winter. And even if you have one (a boyfriend that is), you can still share with him these warm scents that are laced with sexy/woody notes that walk the fine line between strong and sweet. 

Girl by Pharell, was a surprise discovery. I’m a bit of a perfume snob, and celebrity fragrances tend to be on the sweet and boring side. So when I took a whiff of this magical stuff at Sephora, I was instantly seduced. I love wood notes and it has all my favorites: Vetiver, Patchouli and Sandalwood. It didn’t hurt that Pharell worked with the team of CDG (Comme des Garçons) perfumers to create this deliberately unisex scent. And true to CDG form, it’s off the beaten path. Classic masculine notes are wrapped in a soft and sweet foil of tender woods. And as the day goes on, the perfume looses a lot of it’s masculine side and becomes a tender, feminine Sandalwood scent. Exclusively at Sephora.

Gaultier Le Mâle, is built around a powdery lavender accord with hints of citrus and base notes of Amber, sweet Vanilla and Tonka Bean. Le Mâle proves that a lot of men are willing to indulge their softer side, as the fragrance is a bestseller… Or it might be their girlfriends buying it for them? In any case, the dry-down, with it’s cardamom and pepper notes, creates the perfect skin-scent that will make you feel like you snuggled all day with your guy. If you want to bypass the lavender, just rub your skin vigorously where you put the fragrance, to accelerate the dry-down. Available at most drugstores and department stores.

Dior Fahrenheit is surprisingly sweet with flowery notes like Hawthorne and Honeysuckle, but it’s the creamy and sensual Tonka Bean and Sandalwood center notes that make the perfume amazing. Fahrenheit is about contrasts: it’s sensually warm, yet fresh and airy. Made in the 90s, it follows the trend of sporty/unisex scents like CK ONE, but it’s much more sophisticated and sexy. Available at most drugstores and department stores.

Tom Ford Plum Japonais. This wood-based fragrance, is also sweet and flowery. It will really depend on your own interpretation and how your skin reacts, whether it’s more masculine or feminine. For me its a very femme fatale, smoky scent, strong enough for him, but soft enough for her. I like to wear Plum Japonais in the fall and winter because of the rich and warm wood/incense base. To balance out these heavier notes, they added a boozy plum liqueur and blossoms accord. It’s a very unique scent, quite decadently rich in the variety of notes and textures that unfold. If you find that warm, woody notes are unisex, then the sweet, floral side of Plum Japonais will push it over to the feminine spectrum. It’s definitely a “Girlfriend Perfume” for your guy. At Sephora (in the men’s section) and Holt Renfrew.