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Scent & Sensibility

I love perfume, I love the wonderful way it transports me. Even if my OOTD is not stellar (who has the time to play dress up everyday)? I always spritz on something fabulous, because it’s never about what you’re wearing, it’s all about feeling fabulous! (It really is!)

I’ve collected about 40 bottles over the years. There is just something very enthralling to be transported by a scent.  Sometimes, I want a cashmeran effect, of a beautiful and glowing skin-scent. Sometimes, I want seductiveness, and sometimes, I just want a  fragrance that enhances my mood. Even more than makeup, perfume is a very personal journey, where we have to experience it on our skin and to let our mind wander, or gallop on the waves of scent molecules.

Once a friend asked me what perfume I would recommend from a certain line, and my only response was: you should try them all and see with which ones you will fall in love with. Just like in love, the chemical reactions are often unpredictable, and it’s really about love at first scent and that thrill of falling under the spell.  Perfumes to me, are personalities, ideas, moods. When I add a perfume to my collection, I feel it’s like an aura that I’m adopting, a new friend, or a new lover.

Some perfumers spend months developing the sweet cascades of notes, orchestrating ideas and moods. And I go to the counters like an art enthusiast, to bask in the mixtures and potions, for the sheer delight of experiencing new ideas.

But this year I spotted a new trend, and old friend with a new look: White Flowers. Usually you’ll find softer notes like Peonies, Lilies, Orange Blossom in these fragrances, a classic is Fleurs d’Oranger by Serge Lutens. Not to mention, the stellar Modern Muse by Estée Lauder, that I personally consider to be already a classic, modern, white flower scent.

There are two new launches this year that take the soft and transparent flowery notes and turn them into sleeper hits. Both of them had no serious promo campaigns, but they made a lovely place for themselves in my collection of mostly moody and strong on personality scents.

White-Heat-Ewa-Bilinska= Clinique-Aromatics-white-ElizabethandJames

Both the Clinique Aromatics in White, and Elizabeth and James White Nirvana (oil perfume) have a soft yet sensual hold, a sort of white heat, which is refreshing in the sea of sexy/sweet/fresh/fruity scents that try to please every girl/woman. They conjure an elegance and a soft sensuality, an ageless allure, that won’t beat anyone over the head–but will whisper softly and seductively to anyone (that will have the privilege to get close enough) : that you are fabulous. Something that you already knew!

I couldn’t find the Clinique scent on the Canadian Website, but it is at major counters.