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6 Cosmetics Brands To Watch

Thanks to the internet, new brands have been emerging with a selection of amazing products. If you haven’t been lurking on YouTube and Instagram like I have, here are a few to keep on your checklist! 
I’m a product geek, really. I’m always hunting for the most unique colours and textures. When new collections hit the counters, I’m there, swatching my heart away. I regularly pull out my “little treasures” (as I like to call them) to marvel at them when I’m preparing for a shoot. My makeup stash is mostly a collection of seasonal and limited edition products. For some reason, the seasonal collections have the most interesting shades.

But with all these niche brands emerging over the last five years to the forefront, thanks to the Internet, Beauty Vloggers and Bloggers with their insatiable need for new-ness, it’s created a demand for brands who offer their unique products at reasonable prices!

6. The first of these companies is O.C.C. (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics).
I had spotted some swatches about three years ago on When I went to New York that year, I made a beeline to their store to buy their famous deep burgundy shade, Black Dahlia, now a cult classic. They call it the Lip Tar, but it’s known worldwide (and officially) as liquid lipstick, but they were one of the first companies to offer the texture.  I was lucky enough to snatch some of the original colours that were sold in paint-like tubes. Now most of them have been discontinued, with a few classics remaining like Black Dhalia or Hoochie, a perfect Barbie Pink. They also have some great eyeshadows, vegan concealers and foundations. I would also recommend checking out the lip pencils: Black Dahlia (obviously!), Sebastian (plum taupe), Sybil (deep brown that used to be a tube shade), and Tarred, a black lip-liner for girls of colour and goths!

5. Joe Fresh. Yes, from the clothing brand! The products are now being sold at Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix. The brand is still being carried by Joe Fresh stores and some Loblaws. It recently grew from blushes, soft lipcolours and essential eyeshadows to liquid lipsticks, lip liners and foundation. The colours are pretty good at an amazingly affordable price. My faves are the liquid lipstick, especially the one in red and burgundy–stunning! The foundations aren’t bad either, and all at a delicious price. Explore/tags/joefreshcosmetics/

4. Colour Pop. The brand has been getting a lot of visibility from Beauty Vloggers, for on point textures and some trendy 90s lips shades. They also sell a combo of lip liner and matte lipstick that are quite popular (way before Kylie). But I happen to have my eye on a few blushes that are truly unique. The best thing: The price! It’s soooo easy to get tempted to buy all of them! A lot of the shades are on my to-buy list. From all the raves, it’s safe to say that these are quality products! @colourpopcosmetics

3. Coloured Raine. Is another company riding on the liquid lipstick wave of popularity that Instagram created. And they have some truly unique shades. Among the highlights: a deep blackened emerald (Ivy), and a bluish grey stone colour (Stone). Again, a lot of 90s inspired shades of taupe and greige.  I haven’t bought any of these, but they are on my to-buy list! @colouredraine

2.Morphe. So let’s take a little break from liquid lipsticks. Morphe is getting a lot of praise for their brushes. They’ve been slowly gathering a solid Online following of Vloggers and Bloggers like Jaclyn Hill (check out her favourites here ). Like a lot of the companies on this list, they are offering a great product at a very reasonable price. At my recent photoshoot with Carmen Carrera, (I will feature it here soon!) we gushed about the brand. Morphe has also some great eyeshadow palettes for pros on a budget, and they carry niche cosmetic lines like Jeffree Star and L.A. Girl. @morphebrushes

1. H&M Beauty. When I stumbled into the H&M  Times Square store in NYC, this fall, I found myself face to face with their complete display and… my jaaaw drroooped! I had heard that they were coming out with a line but this….this was E.P.I.C.! It felt like there was 100 individual eyeshadows (at a ridiculous price) and I had to hold myself back not to swatch them all. There were eyeshadow palettes, powder blushes, cream blushes, bronzer, concealers, brushes, liners, pressed powders, illuminators… I mean the hold nine yards of cosmetics, in nice packaging, at an affordable price! I tried a peacock blue shade, which came out nearly perfect (slightly chalky, but a this price–it’s forgivable). There were some great lip shades, like a bright orange, and the foundations were also pretty good! Unfortunately some stores only carry a very small selection, and on the Canadian Website the selection is next to none. But if you do end up going to NYC, seriously, it’s worth saving up to splurge on these!

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