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The Art of Exfoliating

Finding the right products for your own personal skincare routine can be challenging with all the different options available out there. So I decided to share my experiences with exfoliating lotions. These dermatological marvels help to keep flakyness at bay so I can enjoy my foundations all year!

My skincare routine is pretty simple, and if you’re curious,
you can read all about it at this >link<.

Dry skin on it’s own isn’t very disturbing, but if you’re like me, and you like to wear anything from a foundation, to a light CC cream, you can spot those annoying dry patches right away! And with my skin, it usually means three things: 1) drink more water, 2) add a heavier oil to my moisturizer and, 3) exfoliate.

I’m going to open a parenthesis here on the current craze of using ultrasonic devices to “deep clean” and exfoliate. When it was all the rage on YouTube, a while back, I decided to make my own little test, to see if it could make an impact on my “large” pores. Like, in a scientifically based way! I used it only on one-half of my face for a whole month, daily.
The (scientific) conclusion is: there was a very slight difference in pore size, but only up-close, like ready-to-pucker-up close. Which meant that for me, it wasn’t worth it!

So, IN MY OPINION (’cause it’s my blog) I prefer to use lotions that have AHA’s and BHA’s in them. Why? Firstly, when I had a big acne problem in my teens, it’s a prescription Glycolic acid lotion, with a gentle skincare routine that helped to clear up my skin. Secondly ( in my opinion, again) they are much more gentle and they also help to hydrate by bringing in moisture, AND I don’t have to apply them everyday. Enough said! Just don’t use them on irritated skin!

A Little Guide to Using Exfoliators

Here are just a few wee bit tips on using them:
You can apply them at night, but it’s important to use a pH balancing toner before, to make sure you get the full benefit. These products work because the acidity helps to penetrate the skin so they can brake up the dry flakes, and loosen them up!
Most cleansers tend to have a base pH, which is the opposite of acidic. Which means—to all of you that aren’t chemistry geeks—that base and acid balance each other out to a neutral pH…. simply: you’re killing the fizzle! If you don’t know if your cleanser or toner are pH balanced, then you can be sure that by morning your skin has found it’s ideal level (about 5.5). Now, you might get addicted to their effect, but if you use them daily, your skin will develop a resistance, and you’ll just be getting to the bottom of your tube faster.
Again, don’t put any of these on irritated skin!

My Top 3 Exfoliating Lotions

 Kate Somerville‘s Exfoli-Kate is a very quick and potent product. The instructions say: don’t keep it on for longer than two minutes, and rinse it out. I wouldn’t mess with it! It has both AHA, and BHA acid compounds, as well as enzymes to exfoliate. AHA’s draw in moisture, while BHA’s clean out pores–FYI. It’s a great mask for a quick boost, or even on a pimple, and it comes in a convenient 0.5oz size (29$CAN) to try out.
It’s available at Sephora and Murale.

Decleor Life Radiance is the most gentle of the three, and it has a hydrating texture.
It only has AHA from fruit extracts, and it also has aromatherapy oils like Elemi to liven up your mood, and Saro oil which has anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties, and it’s good to rinse after three minutes.
49$CAN for 50ml at Hudsons Bay and certain private beauty salons.

The Murad Complete Reform With Glyco Firming Complex is a heavy duty exfoliator, and althouht it’s aimed at mature skin, it’s great for an at-home facial/peel that’s almost dermatologist strength (it is made by a dermatologist after all!). It’s also great to use on rough patches of skin anywhere on your body. The high-potency will boost skin hydration while getting rid of dull skin in a single application. Although there are no instruction  on rinsing it off, I do, after a good 10 minutes, or before if my skin gets very tingly (if I haven’t used it in awhile). If you’re very sensitive, it’s best to ask for a sample for a test run.
83$CAN for 30ml at Sephora, Murale and Hudsons Bay or

One last tip, after rinsing them off, I like to follow with a rich cream and a few drops of essential oils and massage them into my face. This will immediately lift all the dry skin,
so I can put on my foundation without any trace of flakyness!

and those colour thing-ies are vintage silicon sponges from Sephora, from a while back.