Cesar Ochoa, Ewa Bilinska, Marie-Josee Galibert
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Instragram Or Not, Here I Am

It’s always a great pleasure to get to do makeup and a photo-session on a woman I find very interesting and captivating (by my own standards). And yes there is something more to beauty than an Instagram face.

Photo: Cesar Ochoa

This is the great part of having this blog and the main reason why I started blogging in the first place. I felt that magazines were still keeping up to a narrow version of beauty and I wanted to capture and show more variety–and not just the garden variety, consensus beauty–but also the exotic and unique faces that crossed my path.

Of course, with the internet becoming the new town square, gossip-y and hyper-critical, it seems that uniformity and approval are becoming the norm, in a medium that was designed to encourage freedom. Ironic, I know.

I recently started a social media project for an eye-wear store, working with two photographers, and featuring non-models, i.e. people with interesting faces. And while I was shooting for the project, my friend Marie-Josée Galibert, a fellow makeup artist, was free and was on a brief hiatus, so we fit her in at the end of the day. Cesar and I were both captivated by her beauty, and I wasn’t sure she’d be ok with us doing a shot of her. That was back in November! It’s really great of her to have lent herself to the high-stakes game otherwise known as a beauty photo-shoot. And I’m always grateful when people, whose job is not to be in front of the camera, join-in on the instaglamification process.

You know, I’m going to make a confession… When you see us makeup artists posting pictures of 15-25 year old models, you should know that we don’t really have to do much to make them look good. That’s why the industry uses such young girls, because it’s easy to dress them and style them. Now try and putting all those crazy clothes and makeup on a 35 year old, and I guarantee you that it most probably won’t work, and the whole team will have to work twice as hard.  That’s why you don’t always see more mature women on covers and editorials. You really gotta know what you’re doing!

I really enjoyed doing Marie-Josée’s makeup, it was inspired by tom-boyish women like Isabel Marant.  I really like the french aesthetic of gorgeous skin, a sultry eye, and the “I-don’t-care” attitude. If you didn’t know: most makeup artists who work on sets barely wear any makeup.

I used cream color bases by M.A.C. and Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contours to give MJ her glow, because creams blend into the skin, and with little to no powder (matte looks will emphasize pores). On the eyes I used GOSH Forever Shadow Sticks, with a touch of Rimmel London Scandal Eyes in Bootleg Brown all blended softly to create a matinee idol/grunge eye, and I topped the lashes with Dior Iconic Curl Mascara in Black. MJ had already arrived with her brows done, the way she likes them (we do like to keep our little secrets, you should know). Her hair is just amazing on it’s own, I used OGX Kukui Oil and she just tossed it around like a real pro for us, and boy did she werk it.