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Scent & Poetry

Mother’s day is The day for perfume sales (yes, bigger than Christmas). The world of scent is probably the biggest money making  industry, ironically, it’s also the most poetic, where marketing teams crumble and the largest campaigns mean nothing, if the juice isn’t magical.
A beautiful perfume is a perfect unicorn. It’s also a matter of taste, and whether it’s for your mom, or for yourself, I’m sharing my fave unicorns.

dolce gabbana light blue

Here is my list in no particular order:

1. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. This is a classic; it’s been around forever. Bergamot and Apple notes make up the heart of this scent. This magical concoction, is the most delicious “clean” perfume that survived the 90s trend. It’s deceptively simple, yet it’s steady, never fading. While I wear it, I’ll get a waft of it and think: “Wow, I smell good”. It’s quite soft, tender, feminine, without being overly sweet or flower-y (which most perfumes these days tend to be). 85$ – 100ml

Estee Lauder Modern Muse

2. Modern Muse by Estée Lauder, is like the lighter, younger, uptown girl version, of classic perfumes. It has a light, oriental feel brought on by the green tea notes, mixed with a floral, and crisp Jasmine, that’s very luminous and soft. It’s just enough elegance without being too lady-like–it’s those woody notes, that add seduction. Perfect. 120$can – 100ml

Roger & Gallet

3. Fleur de Figuiers by Roger&Gallet. It might be available at the drugstore, but this juice was created by Francis Kurkdijian. If you don’t know who he is… he’s one of the top perfumers, a sort of Karl Lagerfeld of scent. I tend to hate anything too sweet, but this is fresh, sweet, airy, delicious, luminous. It wears really well, and it’s a great take on the fig note, with green and sweet overtones. It manages to stay seductive and playful. It’s a great spring/summer scent to make you feel yummy (or for a yummy mummy). In the same collection try the “Gingembre Rouge”, it’s a sparkling ginger scent that is pretty amazing.


4. Marni, the Italian fashion house, is all about clashing a modern edge with the vintage elegance of Mod sixties. Their first perfume echoes that elegance and modern feel by following on the steps of the original Chloé as well as Stella McCartney’s perfumes (also noteworthy), with the winning combination of pepper and rose. But Marni’s version is more sparkling, more spicy (ginger and patchouli), more sophisticated, and daring. The fragrance also has a certain crispness to it.

Tom Ford Plum Japonais

5.Plum Japonais by Tom Ford is my favourite femme fatale scent. It’s spicy, smoky, woody, boozy, yet it manages to have a feminine core, thanks to the sweet plum notes. It comes from a collection of fragrances inspired by Asia. I liked all the other scents, but this one won me over. When I wear it, I feel very chic. It has the “over-the-topness” of a Gucci dress, making you feel wrapped in more-is-more luxury, the well crafted kind. If you can wear this well, you can be sure that people will notice. 250$CAN – 50ml.