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Festival Girl

So it’s my second fashion oriented post on the blog. I love the hippie look, whether it’s the chic kind or the bohemian style. Of course, I’m not reinventing the wheel here, and it seems the perfect look for summer.
But also because I met the perfect hippie girl, SHANI!

Photos by Cesar Ochoa

I met Shani on a shooting for local designer Muse by Christian Chenail. Both Cesar and I were blown-away by how she shone for the camera. Very few people can captivate it like she does, and the bad news is…  it’s a gift that you can’t really learn. You either have it or you don’t. So Cesar and I decided to schedule a creative shoot with her to have some fun!

It was February and I was hanging out at my friendly neighborhood thrift shop Bazar de Ville, and Gisèlle had a lot of Coachella type pieces like flow-y dresses, flower prints, and lots of vintage cool. I love clothes and she has a great eye, finding really unique pieces.
I grabbed everything that caught my fancy, and to accessorize them, I bagged all of my hippy-chic accessories and I got a pair of torn jeans from Zara for the shoot. With the green blazer there is also a mint green shirt, and a khaki tank top with a jeans jacket, both from local designer Valerie Dumaine.

Because I loved her wild hair ( I just added some Léonor Greyl Palm oil to smooth out the frizzies). On The eyes I used two Urban Decay pencils, one called Invasion (deep forest green) and Whiskey (brown) and I used the Stila In The Know palette.  The blush is a mix of NARS Contouring Blushes. I left her eyebrows as is. Mascara is from Chanel, a deep green shade that was limited edition.



Shani-Ewa-Cesar Shani-Ewa-Cesar Shani-Ewa-Cesar Shani-Ewa-Cesar Shani-Ewa-Cesar