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Spring Orchids

Sometimes, it’s all about a colour. Like Coral. In makeup there aren’t many new ideas … it’s like flower prints for spring…. genius, would cynically say an editrix.

For this beauty story, I decided to work the hot-cold contrast of coral and blue, it’s less hot, it’s more cool, like a spring day at the beach. I wanted to play in harmonies of beige, coral and red. I also wanted to explore the idea of a flushed effect. I padded the cheeks of both models, Lucrezia and Marie, with heaps of blush to soften the starkness of pale skin against the indigo blue. The hair had to be tousled, wild. I also didn’t want any sharp lines. I didn’t use any lip pencils and worked the colours to get a soft mouth. Lined lips can look very done, and I wanted a painterly effect for this story. I also didn’t want to overly edit the images, I wanted something raw. I love to see the skin, I love freckles, the realness, with all these high coverage foundations, we are forgetting what real human skin looks like.

Marie’s first look (see opening image) was all about orange. She had a lot of space on her lid, which was fun to use by putting a generous amount of orange pencil liner by Yves Rocher and tons of masacara by L’Oréal Telescopic.  To shade the lower lid I used the limited edition M.A.C. Trend Forecast Eyeshadow, Fall 2016 palette. Blush is by Chanel Les Beige in no 22, a pretty orange coral. On lips is M.A.C. Morange, again, applied without a liner, worked in with a blush. Eyebrow powder is by L’Oréal Paris, and mascara is . Foundation is Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation. Denim shirt is by H&M Conscious.


For Marie’s second look, I flushed her skin using Chanel Les Beiges blush in no 22 and also, no 20 a beige with red tones. I applied them on the forehead, cheeks, nose, as well as onto the eyelids to shade and sculpt them. To create the ombré/watercolour lips I used a warm red lipstick as the base (it’s a discontinued Revlon shade) over a lip balm. But you can use a tinted lip balm, like Joe Fresh Sheer Gloss Lisptick (8$). To create the wine effect at the center I used M.A.C. Diva with a rounded brush to create the gradient. The white and red striped top is by Zara.


Lucrezia has amazing freckles. I decided not to put any foundation on her. Her skin is that good! Since I was editing the images; I would just zap out the three tiny pimples she had. I used the Beauty Counter palettes to bronze and blush her skin. The lighter bronzer shade of the brand is an amazing golden tone; warmer than Hoola from Benefit, and less countour-y. I blended three of the blushes from the Beauty Counter palettes (click here see review) to create a natural flush. I also wanted to create a light colour near her lashes, it’s a blend of many products which I don’t remember anymore (sometimes I work quickly and try things out until it comes out the way I want). Mascara is Guerlain Maxi-Lash in Brown. To shade her eyes I used the M.A.C. Trend Forecast Eyeshadow Fall 2016 palette. For lips, I used Make Up For Ever Rouge Artiste Intense in 52, a warm red, almost orange, almost coral. I didn’t use any lip pencil, I worked the colour in until it became defined, but not sharp. She wears a Chambray shirt by Valerie Dumaine for both looks.



For Lucrezia’s second look, I piled on the blush: NARS Matte Multiple in Siam. Wine stained lips are courtesy of L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche in 364 Place Vendome, a luminous berry red that I applied wildly. At the inner lip line, is Bite Beauty in Cocoa, available at Sephora. I bushed up her eyebrows with brown mascara. 

Lucrezia an Marie  at Dulcedo Models