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Liner Tales

 This post is about Nadia. She’s a writer, a stylist, an actress, a seamstress, a comedian, and she is loud… like the mouth on the dress suggests.  It’s also an ode to the sixties liner.

I’ve known Nadia for a year, she’s a friend of Gisèle who owns the thrift store Bazr de ville. I would always see her there. And like all the women I know, she likes to dress up. The thrift shop would be a place where we would meet to revel in our styling whims, because we all speak the same style language: visual, inventive, referential, and irreverently bold in our storytelling. The 60s, the 70s, the 80’s, the 90s… every one of us girls knows our shit, and how to put it together. We inspire each other to be bold.

So when I became confident that I could start producing my own images for the blog, I texted her right away for a photo session. I usually style my subjects because I have makeup ideas that need clothes to support them. But I decided to trust her sense of style. She texted me this loud dress, and I had to say yes to. Which she found at Bazr de ville


Nadia has beautiful almond eyes, and I knew I wanted to do a sixties inspired cat-liner. She has all the sixties beauty tags; big eyes, big lips, a doll like face. She’s also got fabulous hutzpah, she’s opinionated and gutsy! So I wanted to show her wild side.

When you work with a model you have to figure out their personality before the shoot, and you don’t really get to know them. I know all of Nadia’s facets. I wanted to illustrate all those facets into an image, which is impossible. It was hard to make a selection! So I decided to put a few, for the fun, or until I get a camera that films.

For foundation, concealer and blush I used Le Maquillage Professionel Palettes in MB3 and Peaux Métissés. I didn’t want a defined liner, so I used a brow pencil first and I layered a black pencil over with a square tip liner brush, to create a chocolaty-black liner.

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