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Beauty Counter – Natural Makeup – Review

Last December, on a cold rainy day—like only this city can deliver—I was making my way to a PR meeting for Beauty Counter. The reason why I stepped out ? I was really excited because Beauty Counter is on a mission to make makeup and skincare that is safe. Natural makeup is such a unicorn, that I’m wondering what would actually have stopped me?

If you’ve been privy to the natural beauty scene which exploded with buzzwords and claims. If like me, you’ve been reading your labels and researching your ingredients, you realize that most of the time a lot of the “natural” claims quickly fall aside. It’s quite a challenge to formulate makeup without silicone, petroleum derivatives, preservatives. Of course, there is that awkward debate on what is “natural”. Rest assured, I’m not going to step into that puddle right this moment.

Skincare has been cleaning up over the past years, as it found itself on the ingredient hot seat. Makeup on the other hand, has been enjoying a get out of jail free pass. Being a makeup junky, and loving colours, I’ve sort of gave up on the idea natural makeup, for now….

I met Christy Coleman (see her instagram) that day. She has the fabulous job of designing the colours of the brand. A veteran of the fashion, and Hollywood scene, she had a moment of conscious questioning, after some soul shaking events. When she came back to the art, she wanted to make a difference, cleaning up her makeup case, making it safer for her clients.

Yes, natural might be a trend, and trends come and go. Personally, I would be really happy if makeup had less controversial ingredients. As Christy explained, it’s about finding alternative ingredients that can duplicate the same properties of these controversial ingredients (see their “Never List”). It means a lot of research by chemists who tinker away in the laboratory looking for new ingredients that are safer.

I’ve been impressed by the performance of these palettes which are no longer available. Sorry, but not sorry. Some of these colours are available separately. Of course, if you’re looking for one swipe swatches, this is not that makeup. They do however buildup with a slight patina, and give a decent payoff for natural looks—sort of fits into the overall concept.

If you have to buy one thing for your kit, try the bronzer and the blushes; the shades are beautiful, blend well on the skin and photograph really well, I used them on the redheaded model in these image . You can also find mascara, foundation, concealer, lipstick as well a a whole skincare line.

Beauty Counter is available Online. You can also find a local consultant through their website for a personal session.

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