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Harajuku Summer


I’ve always loved Harajuku Girls, especially the really tan ones. They adapted 60s makeup, graphic lines, making their eyes super big. I had some makeup fun adapting the look to make it more Eastern.

I guess you can’t get the fashion out of the girl, it turned a bit vogueish but I’m really happy with the makeup! I had fun with Ariane Muller from Dulcedo Models. Her skin was perfectly tan, so I didn’t have to fake it, which makes a big difference in the final look. I like these 70’s and 60’s inspired makeups, but you need someone with a lot of lid space like Ariane to pull them off. It was tricky shooting them from lower angles to get the full effect.

Products used:
M.A.C. Studio Concealer palettes in Medium and Light for foundation/contour.
NARS Laguna liquid bronzer.
Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow stick in Matte Brown.
Ilamasqua cream in Bedaub

Clothes: Snakeskin print dress “Rooney” and Kakhi dress “Shadow” all by Valerie Dumaine

Let me know what you think!


First Look from down under !

Same look, different angle.

The Second look

A different angle for the second look.