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From Korean Beauty to Asian Glam

Another week, another makeup experiment. This time I had beautiful Yilin from Next Canada. It started out as a Korean inspired summer makeup and then it turned into a smoky eye.It’s been a while since I had an Asian face to work on. I wanted to do something light and summery, but then it turned into an intense smoky with a red lip. It just does, happen to evolve like that. 

I know it’s summer, but I just had to try a smoky, and after doing the more natural makeup, I got an idea to do a more intense smoky. You know when you do makeup, and you suddenly understand the shape of someone’s eyes? I had a makeup idea flash in my minds eye that formed once I put Yilin into the red dress. Now that I look back, it’s definitely inspired by NARS, especially because of the skin, that I deliberately chose to make a shade lighter and powder. 

Model, Yilin at Next Canada
Soft makeup: Le Blanc de CHANEL. 
Concealer Palette in Medium by M.A.C.
Blush in Gaeity by  NARS .
Lip tint by It’s Skin dear my Muse in Coral 04.
Universal Brow palette by Guerlain.
Diane Kendal Limited edition eye palette by M.A.C.

Smoky makeup: Fall 2016 Red shadow palette by Chanel.
Satin Lip Pencil in Golshan by NARS.

Dress and one-piece by Valerie Dumaine

Natural makeup look, inspired by Korean Beauty


Once I put Yilin into the dress I took a snapshot to see.



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