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Summer Blues

Fall started happening a bit faster than expected, especially if you’re working. Which got me into a bit of a blue mood. With new face Alexa, from Dulcedo Models, I did some inside and outside shots. From intense eye, to no makeup.

I’ve been busy working, AKA bringing home the bacon, with image editing and other projects, makeup and not makeup. August slipped by really fast! It’s been almost three weeks since I did a shoot for the blog! So to get rid of my Summer Blues, I got some blue dresses from my favorite local designer, Valerie Dumaine, and pulled out some blue makeup products from my stash.

I tend to go glamorous in the studio, so this time around, I wanted to stay fresh. I kept Alexa’s makeup next to nothing, except some concealer around the nose. She has such great skin, that I didn’t want cake face. The rosy flush is all her own. I brushed up the brows and called it a day for base makeup. When it came to editing, I also did the minimum. I’m getting bored of overly retouched skin.

Alexa’s music request set the mood. Surprisingly, she asked for some Led Zepplin, yes, she’s the one who asked! I have to confess, beyond Stairway To Heaven, and A Whole Lotta Love I don’t know that many of their tunes. It was a great time to get acquainted with their repertoire. I got really into “You Shook Me“–talk about being ahead of their time with “shook”! The deconstructed guitar riffs, the blue dresses, and the otherworldly singing of Robert Plant inspired us as we were shooting. It’s often how I like to work, bringing out aspects of the models I am working with, I think it makes for better makeup and better pictures.

First look. I paired this Valerie Dumaine dress over a Noisy May white fringe top I bought two years ago. Blue makeup was just a natural progression. Blue is a versatile color, it can look fresh or it can be turned into a smoky. I tried to work a bit of both. I used mostly cream products;  M.A.C. Cosmetics Diane Kendall limited edition Palette (blue shade). I also used Le Maquillage Professionel Fard Creme palette CRC1, which has some nice primary colours. If you have the Make Up For Ever Flash Palette (at Sephora), it’s probably easier to get a hold of. I used the blue and the white of the palette. Adding the white to gradiate the blue, this made it sixties looking and pastel, but the hard shape turned off the possible retro effect. I only used an eye shadow for the lower lash line: Print by M.A.C.  Adding a pencil would make it more of a smoky look. I didn’t put any mascara, again, I wanted to keep it on this side of graphic, rather than smoky. 

I like the shot below, it has some Kristen Stewart vibes; that sort of new rock’n’roll vibe. You can also see how the makeup looks from that angle.


 For the second look
, same eye makeup. The dress is by Valerie Dumaine (this is a sample from fall 2016, the dress is sold out)  check out her clothes on her Online shop.


MODEL – Alexa from Dulcedo Models instagram: @alexadocherty

NO MAKEUP OUTSIDE. We still had some time, so I decided to see if we couldn’t do some outside shots, to capture some of those summer vibes. Alexa wore her own clothing. She wiped off her makeup and she had such good skin and a natural flush going on that I decided to keep it that way. The sun was hiding behind some clouds and was about to start setting. It’s a great moment to take pictures because the light can be divine. It still has a  70s vibe, thanks to jeans shorts and Alexa’s hair. By the way; she’s wearing the Dulcedo gold backpack.

making-up-the-magic-End-Of-Summer-Blues making-up-the-magic-End-Of-Summer-Blues