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Fall Black

I love all the gamut from fresh makeup, to glamour, to Rock’n’Roll. This time I was touching on some new territory; fall realness in an all black wardrobe–but minus my usual glamour, yet infused with lots of fresh energy.

I love the challenge of “figuring out” a look for a new face. The past few months, I’ve been deliberately shooting only new faces who only have polaroids. That way, I can hone my “character” skills. Last week I worked with Kathleen, she was in Montreal to be signed by Dulcedo Models.

Shooting fashion or beauty is no different than filming a movie. It’s all about telling a story; and with pictures you have to tell a story quickly, and simply. With Kathleen, I put her in the “freedom of youth” story. When you look at pictures, there is a lot of the photographer in the image than the person in front of the lens. It’s a theme I seem to come back to with young, new faces.

As I was looking at her polaroids, I had a vision of a liner under the eyes, something punk-ish, yet fun. I love graphic lines and edgy-ness on a young girl. More than a smoky. In my humble opinion… A smoky look is more mature, and it can look odd on a fresh face. I also wanted some messy hair, because nothing says rebellion and freedom like untamed hair. Not to mention that it’s become my favorite pairing with a crazy eye makeup. Of course a model never tries too hard, instead it’s the team all around that is working hard on the look! Well, in this case, me.

For the natural makeup I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette (a review will be coming soon). I used the New Wave colour to shade the brow bone. I got to shoot in a new location, a studio someone had graciously lent me, and there was a giant window with a lot of natural light pouring in. It was fun testing with natural light, it brought a new element into the dialogue. For her makeup, I only used NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer under the eyes, and to cover some light redness on her cheeks. All the rest is her beautiful skin, natural brows and built-in lip shade.


Since I was in the Old Port of Montreal, I decided to step outside to test the waters. It was great fun to show Kathleen and her mother my favorite fashion haunt, Cahier d’exercise. It’s our very own Barney’s type boutique. The clothing and the accessories are always amaze. As we walked around the streets, I tested out different backgrounds, and I noticed this red building cover. I took a few clicks and it was the perfect foil for the urban look she was wearing. This imitation lambskin bomber is by Montreal designer Valérie Dumaine. The top and the jeans are her own.


making-up-the-magic-Ewa-Bilinska-Fall-Black-7 making-up-the-magic-Ewa-Bilinska-Fall-Black-7

Raw Glam
It seems I’m on a Rock’n’Roll roll, pun intended.  After Alexa’s blue cat-eye liner from two weeks ago, I went for a purple under-eye liner. I love how it emphasizes the shape of her eyes. Over the orange eyeshadow I used previously, I blended some Copperplate by M.A.C. To tone down the initial orange shade and make it into this transition shade. For liner, I used the “Rowdy” shade from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette over a purple eyeliner pen that was of a paler color, I used it to map out the shape. On the lid is a silver glitter eyeshadow stick by NARS, Limited edition (Andy Wharhol collection). The pleather top is by Valérie Dumaine. For the images I used a flash, but because of all the light from the window, the overall effect is a bit colder than what I normally do.

making-up-the-magic-Ewa-Bilinska-Fall-Black-7 making-up-the-magic-Ewa-Bilinska-Fall-Black-7
Here you have the same look, but the different hair creates a different story.