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Holidaze – The Palettes

It’s that time of the year where it’s socially acceptable to wear glitter and to buy tons of makeup (that includes eyeshadow palettes). I’ve indulged in both! I’ve bought myself two new palettes and turned up the glitteratty factor, all in the name of Makeup LOVE.

I’m a bit late to join the palette review bandwagon. But since every blogger on YouTube bought or got these palettes, feel free to go and watch as many to convince yourself that you need them, or you don’t!  Personally, I’ve poured over many videos on YouTube to decide where I wanted to invest my money. Here, on the blog I wanted to put them up to the test to see what magic can be created through all this amazing makeup that is available. For the step by step of the look just go to the pictures.

Book, Punk: Chaos to Couture. Fine bone China cup by Maxwell Williams.

Let’s start with the Subversive palette by Pat McGrath. After watching video reviews on the internet (let’s call it obsessive-binge-watching), I was torn between the Subversive and the Sublime (wow, now that is a wordy dilemma). I went for the cooler tones tones of the Subversive and it seemed it had more variety of color range. I decided to buy it off the Pat McGrath Labs Website as a gesture of recognition of her hard work. Just be warned that since it’s arriving by Purolator you’ll be charged Duties and Taxes in Canada, and probably other countries. It brought up the cost of the palette to 250$CAD. If you’re on a budget (ha! you buy Pat McGrath products when you’re a junkie–on a budget) best to get them through Sephora Canada, they’ll be a bit cheaper–yet still mind boggling expensive!

 You can see how dimensional the glitters are!

WAS IT WORTH IT?  The price comes down to 25$ per pan of eyeshadow, (19$CAN if you buy it through Sephora). Not to mention the luxury case they are ensconced in. Truth be told, I’m more concerned about payoff, and these deliver! For the uniqueness of each one of them, it was worth it. Would I buy the Sublime? I’m pondering that one…  Now, technically the glitters are called eyeshadows because they come in a pan, but these shades are much more like pressed duo-chrome glitters in an emollient base. You can apply them with a brush. All of the glittery/glimmery shades are quite translucent. The most “opaque” one of these textures is Gigabyte and Black Metal. Because of their very reflective quality, they have a sort of ghostly finish on photo camera. If you want a more solid effect, you will need to layer them over a matte shadow, like I did in Holidaze Part 1 and Part Two, at least to get a more solid and defined shape.

The black eyeshadow “XTreme Black” from the palette is pretty amazing! It won’t compare to a gel liner or a black pencil in terms of richness. But I have to say it’s very smooth, and very buildable and still dark. I did a smoky eye two weeks ago using the shade, to define and smoke a crease, and there was no fallout–at all!!!

JOYA: PALETTE OF GOLDEN WINEMaking-Up-The-Magic-Natasha-Denona-Joya-Palette-  

THE NATASHA DENONA 5 shadow JOYA Holiday palette caught my eye because I collect beautiful gold shades, and this one is stunning! It still registered a bit orange on camera, I had to tweak the color to be more neutral in editing. It has a slight duo-chrome finish from a very slight green-gold to an orange-gold (you can see it in the picture I took above). “Fuchsia” (left to Gold) is magenta with a shift toward red. It such a unique color, I have nothing close to it, and it’s soooo buttery, and intense, almost a cream: it’s unbelievable! The red to the right of Gold, is called Red Grape and it’s a beautiful ruby shimmer, very jewel like. It applies more bright than what it looks in the pan, and if you skipped the Dior Holiday Ruby palette, this shade is pretty much as good as the central ruby shade in the Dior, with less pink. The palette also has those duo-chrome pressed shimmers at both ends. But these are very fine, and don’t have that magic quality that the Pat Mc Grath ones have. This is a limited edition palette and there are still some left as it got some bad press. I ordered mine on the internet and the shadows were intact. As long as you don’t order it with 10 other product so they can bang around in the box, you’re good! They are also available at select Sephora stores.