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Review – CHANEL Poudre À Lèvres

It’s crazy–Spring/Summer makeup collections have already hit counters. It’s sort of a surrealist scene, while I find myself knee-deep in Canadian snow. But since these lip powders appeared, I just had to snatch them for my makeup stash. Here is my review.

I’m sort of OCD when it comes to makeup. I could totally buy full collections. But then, reality chimes in, and yes, with all the makeup I have, I would have duplicates, triples, and quadruples colours. If I was a rich heiress, I would totally collect makeup, open a makeup museum one day… if there are any rich heiresses reading this: you can totally steal my idea!

When I got word of Les Poudres À Lèvres, from the Neapolis: New City collection, the title of the Chanel SS2018 makeup collection. I hit Google to do some research. Since it was already released in the US, I fell on the US website. I noticed that there were 3 colours. When I went back to the counter and the sales associate confirmed that there were only two being released. My heart sank. After giving them a test run, and seeing Lucia Pica’s instagram with images where she uses these colours, I decided to get all of them! The texture is so beautiful, and you can really multi-use them. UPDATE You can now purchase Rosso Parhenope  and have it shipped to Canada through 

To get that US exclusive colour, I called in a big favour and asked a friend to buy the shade from the US Website, and he was kind enough to Fedex it. It did take some time, but all three shades are finally in my greedy hands!


I have to say that for US residents, it pays to buy on the Chanel Online Shop, because that one powder came packed in a beautifully branded and chic box (see picture below). Inside, the wrapping paper was sealed with a sticker that looked like a glossy wax-seal of the double “C”. I mean, how can you NOT feel OPULENT! Seriously! That kind of attention spells luxury. Hopefully Chanel won’t pull these shenanigans in their next collections, forcing me to call in favours from south of the border!

In this big box, I got Rosso Parthenope from the US Website. I put the other two ’cause it looks good…. yeah… shown is Rosa Tempera

Here are my descriptions of the 3 colours of the Poudre À Lèvres:

418 Rosa Tempera
Is a pastel pink that pulls magenta. It’s deceptively demure looking, but if you build it becomes this beautiful “candy lip”, without looking pasty, and with just the right amount of saturation. Add to it the matte, blurry finish, it looks very editorial. This shade will look good on light to medium complexions for that “fresh” spring look.

410 Rosso Pompeiano
This is a bright red/pink/coral tone. It’s a unique colour, it seems to shift between a cool and a warm coral red depending on the ambient lighting as there is an orange undertone. This shade would work on medium to deep skin-tones: it will bring out the golden in sun-kissed skin, while being modern, and matte. But it can look great on pale skin too.

415 Rosso Parthenope
Is the US-only shade. It’s a pink-red, or a red-pink? Like the coral, it seems to subtlety shift with the light from a cool red undertone to a deep pink. It’s also a tad less “bright” than the other two shades, while still looking saturated in it’s own way. Chanel knows how to do red, and this is a sophisticated colour that has the right pop while still being chic. Personally, I think it can look good on any skin-tone. It’s a sort of vamp “light”. It can be worn all year round instead of the classic blue-toned red (something like Ruby Woo). I wonder why it was an US-only release! WHY CHANEL? WHY?

If you are looking for a matte texture that is more comfortable than a liquid lipstick, it’s good to give these a try. You can control the intensity and where you apply the pigment so it’s not as full-on as the liquids; the effect of these powders is much softer, and it will look more chic and less crackle-like! To get a richer effect, you can layer them over a lipstick and “powder” it to get a matte effect. Or for a more precise outline, line your lips. Use them over other lip products, put a gloss if you want, to play with the finish, dimension, and colour.

I tried a based Shea butter balm to compare it to the balm it comes with. The application was much more even with the Chanel balm. My first instinct was to use the brush to apply it, but it didn’t look good. Over the Shea butter, applied with the brush, it gathered in fine lines, and was uneven. The second time around, I used the white brush in the compact to apply a layer of the balm, and I used the sponge-tip it comes with, to pat on the powder.  It looks almost airbrushed when you pat it on this way. Beware: the way you apply it counts on the final effect, which can be almost opaque. I have pretty pigmented lips and the Rosa Tempera (the paler shade of the 3) almost hid my lip colour with this technique.

I drank coffee from the cup while wearing Rosso Parthenope on it’s own for 4hrs and it survived and barely transferred: this is pretty unique! It stayed comfortable (it feels very light) and it’s easy to touch up. This product is not just a gimmick: it actually works. More colours please! This is a good alternative to liquid lipstick and less harsh visually, less crackle, while still having that powdered matte effect that is so beautiful.

I like them because I will use these to create dimension in lip application, or to do lip contouring. I can use them as a blush. To use them as eyeshadow, I would recommend testing on one lid for a few minutes to make sure that you don’t have any reactions to the red pigment, as it wasn’t tested for eyes.

You can see how these performed “In Studio” (with pictures to prove it)

Check out the video on the inspiration for the CHANEL Neapolis SS 18 on the website