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Holiday 2018 – Suggestions

The problem with Holiday collections, ironically, is that by December the best pieces are sold out. Here is what I’ve bought for myself. For now, it’s a part 1.


Ewa Bilinska;Makingupthemagic.com; holiday gifts

So my first purchase is not a from a holiday collection, but if you like to indulge in scents, I have to report a new line of perfumes created, here in Canada, that are worthy of the best niche French perfumeries. Monsillage is a collection of eight scents that are somewhere between a tonic Eau de Cologne and the freshness of an of Eau de Toilette. Their creator Isabelle, intended them as impressionistic paintings or “memories” evocative of travel and captured moments.

I have to parenthesize that I don’t usually like “fresh” scents, but her minimalist compositions rely on the mix of surprising notes. Take one of her bestselling scents, Eau de Céleri, which has a peppery and green celery note. Or the use of Thyme and Rosemary with Verveine and Vetiver for another bestseller, Eau Fraîche. Monsillage fragrances are deceptively simple, yet all the scents are caressing, and wearable all year round. I find them to be very balanced, not too cloying or too woodsy, so they can be worn by men or women who want a light fragrance that still has a sophistication about it. You can also buy travel sizes, if you don’t want to commit, and wear a different scent each day.
You can get a wiff of the whole collection at Etats de Style, here in Montreal.
or you can order them online or find stockist at www.monsillage.com

Ewa Bilinska;Makingupthemagic.com; holiday gifts
iorific Mat Lipsticks Holiday 2018,  left: Stunning- right: Lovely. Nail Polish in Lively. In the background, Luminizer in 5 and Miss Dior eau de parfum.

Let’s face it there is always gold and red for the holidays. I have a gazillion red lipsticks and gold-toned palettes… nothing new to me. Of course for gifting, there are all the minis and “best off” gift sets for those who wear lots of makeup, rather than apply it onto other people—(ahem, cough, cough). But I’m shopping for my stash and only unique things…

Last year, I did notice the Diorific collection and their colourful matte shades, which I skipped on ( I can create those shades with M.A.C colour paint pots). But this year the shades are really wearable and unique–and that’s a good thing! I bought two, a beautiful cool mauve-taupe shade (Lovely), and a taupy-brown with a mauve undertone that makes the lips just a tad darker (Stunning). And I bought them to actually wear all year round and not just to save them for shootings!!! Which is a great concept for a Holiday Collection, right? Buy stuff you can wear all year round!  There six shades in all, two reds, a berry, as well as a beige-y pinky tone which I have a ton of, but actually are also wearable in their own right. I also indulged in the nail polish, because –hey– I’m worth it and it goes well with the lipsticks. There is also the Pochette with the interchangeable mini lipsticks. But it’s sold out… on the bright side those shades were not impressing me. But the packaging does makes a great gift.

This was probably the “it” Holiday item of this season, but it’s sold-out. I already own these shade… But that pouch though!


Also, not a new perfume, but J’adore L’Or is the most exquisite scent of the Dior perfume collection. I already own it, that’s why it’s a bitl low. But if you are looking for the solar effect of Jasmine, Rose and Ylang Ylang, this is sublime!!!! They made the spritz mechanism brief, because you need the tiniest amount and it will last two days at least… This is what perfumes used to be made with: natural essences, but reinterpreted in the most modern-day rich-understated-decadence.