chanel beauty holiday collection 2018 ewa bilinska
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Holiday 2018 – Chanel Beauty

If you haven’t read my previous post. You should know that I’m trying to veer off the beaten path of Holiday makeup reviews. I’ll leave the golds and the glitter for others to review. I want makeup that works all year round, or that is so unique that it warrants my purchase.


Chanel always has some wonderful products in their Holiday Collections. I almost bought their red metallic gloss ( it’s called Flaming Lips—stunning!!!) but I decided to pass for now. I’ll see if it’s still around in December… and if I have some extra cash. But it’s a stunner if you’re in the market for red lips. There are also highlighters…. but really… I’m not a fan of highlighting with shimmer, maybe because my skin has a lot of texture. There are a million ways to highlight.

 chanel beauty holiday collection 2018 ewa bilinska

What melted my heart (and my wallet) was the three eyeshadows with an embossed art-deco lion. I decided to only get Noir Lamé. It’s a beautiful black with a subtle shimmer that is not metallic; but pearlescent. It’s a great shadow for a smoky because it’s sooo creamy and blends out with a lot of control. You can use it wet, as a black liner. The pearlescent gleam will only appear if the lighting is of a spotlight type. It won’t show up on camera because it’s too fine. It has a cream velvet finish on the eyelids, but it appears mostly mat if the lighting is flat. The velvet texture makes it ideal to make big bold shapes, as it’s not as chalky as some other black eyeshadows and looks and feels like a hybrid between a cream and a powder product.

Here is why I didn’t buy the other two shades. The copper is nice, but I have many similar shades. The dark brown-khaki shade is something that I can reproduce by using Noir Lamé over an olive eyeshadow. I feel that it’s not green enough, so it will show up as a black or brown in almost all lighting conditions, except in bright studio flash photography. The texture of these shadows is unique, but it won’t show in pictures, it’s subtle gleam will disappear, unless it’s a big closeup. But the creaminess and the spread-ability of these products made me purchase the Noir Lamé with the hopes of making many glamorous and smouldering smoky eye looks.


chanel beauty holiday collection 2018 ewa bilinska

This cool-toned blue palette is not part of the Holiday collection. When I visited the counter this fall, it had caught my eye. When I went back to see the Holiday collection, I decided to splurge on Quiet Revolution. The colour story is a sort of  60’s – 80’s smoky look. The blue appears a bit dull in the pan, but it’s a beautiful, saturated sapphire that has a touch of teal: and it builds and blends beautifully. The other star shade of this palette, is the grey-taupe-mauve. It might look like nothing, but as a subtle crease colour it’s unusual. You can also use it to blend out a black to get a interesting grey tone. If you have other blue pencils or shadows, this blue is a great addition. My intuition says that a blue smoky for your special event might be more modern than the usual gold/coppery tonees. Or even try some jewel tones like purple or green. Then use a black smoked liner (like Noir Lamé) to frame the eyes and ground the colour. In my opinion it might be the thing to do to switch it up for the holidays.