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Holiday 2018- The Red

I said I would try to veer of the beaten path, but red… Is it a Holiday colour? Or is it just a great colour? This is the last of my Holiday 2018 suggestions. All about red lips and cranberry eyes.


I have an obsession with red. When I saw Lisa Eldrige debut her collection of Plush Velvet Lipsticks, I was so intrigued that I decided to take out my credit card and buy two of the colours: Velvet Ribbon and Velvet Jazz. I got them in about two days. It was that quick. It also cost 24$CAN of duties and taxes, so beware of the extra cost. The formula is the most fantastic part of these lipsticks. They are creamy and powdery like an eyeshadow, all at the same time. They spreads out so evenly when you blur or blend them. And the formula feels so weightless on the lips. Both shades wear and photograph beautifully. The texture of the formula is truly unique and makes this launch a must– I even put them on my dry lips with no balm or chap stick, and it didn’t dry them out. I ate breakfast and it stayed put. But the truly unique colour is Velvet Jazz.

Both of these colours have blue in them, perhaps more than what I expected after watching her video. I’m a bit anal like that over these details, and that’s why I don’t buy that many products without swatching them. But after getting over that first, slight disappointment, I do have to say that they are beautiful shades. They have a good opacity with pigmentation, and a plush-velvet texture with which you can create that trendy “powdered lip” effect. I would say they are even better than the M.A.C. release that attempted to follow that trend. They also have that Hollywood quality, but a modern kind of glamour. You can warm these shades up with a pencil, if you want to preserve the matte texture. I’m really happy with my purchase. In the picture below, I used Velvet Ribbon, with Velvet Jazz to line the corners and the bottom lip with a brush. And yes, I over lined to see how far I could go with this formula.

You can purchase them exclusively on Lisa’s website 



Well it’s not a novel idea: red eye makeup. But both of these palettes by Natasha Denona have unique colours. The bigger palette, Cranberry, has two matte shades, one is a reddish pink, that you can blend out into a pale pink. The darker shade has a creamy texture, it’s more of a violet red, and it’s part powder, part cream. I also bought the Mini Sunset to go with it. I have to say that the selling point was that both palettes have FANTASTIC shimmers. The matte shades are great too–don’t get me wrong–but it was the shimmers that tipped the scales for me to buy both of these. It’s a great alternative to red palettes, because the effect of these colours is softer, and they look more romantic than say a Modern Renaissance which is more intense. You can also create rose-gold harmonies with the shimmers. Last but not least: that toffee-red coloured lipstick is a fantastic shade I found at H&M it’s called Brandy Snap, snap it up! 

The butterfly is courtesy of artist David Romero, you can see his work on his website

Natasha Denona is available at Sephora.

Red makeup; Holiday 2018 makeup; holiday 2018 makeup review; Ewa Bilinska;;