The Magic

Summer Orange

Orange?  I know… it’s not the colour most people think of when they think of summer makeup. They think of hot pink, coral, peach… But Orange is the bold statement to make–If you dare.
Photographs are self-portraits

My best impression of Jerry Hall

It’s a tricky colour, because straight-up orange is frightening and can wash you out. It depends on how much your skin needs a red tone to keep your lips looking alive. If your skin is medium to deep, I would go with a red that leans orange like Lady Danger by MAC which will give you that bold vibe. You can also custom mix your colour by adding an orange pigment; like patting an orange eyeshadow on top of your lipstick. I used Make Up For Ever paint stick in Orange with Maybelline’s Vibrant Mandarin to get the colour as close to orange as I could. Line with a brown lipstick or a pencil like Mahogany from MAC to keep the colour true. It might look really bright until you line it. If your lips are very pigmented,  I suggest applying a bit of concealer under (just like I did).

Orange is also a great blush and eyeshadow,  cut the brighter shades with translucent powder to subtly wrap the cheek area, as it will read as a colour that is part of your skin.

Jerry Hall’s iconic look inspired my makeup styling. I used natural light like the Vogue cover.

My inspiration for the shoot was Jerry Hall. I wanted to update the smashing lips with a very modern smoky that pulls all the stops (except false lashes). Kudos for MAC Gigalash for making my blondie lashes appear without major clumping.

I used the Pantone Marsala palette. A good option would be Natasha Denona Biba or any warm brown shadows. Transitions shades should be light reddish or orange colours depending on the lid. For major impact you can go with a golden shimmering bronze on the lid if you don’t have any orage shimmer. Just layer them to get a dimensional colour. I layered about 3 different shimmers from orange to yellow to silvery gold. It’s about getting creative.

Lipstick Suggestions
GIVENCHY Le Rouge Lipstick Mandarine Boléro
Medium coral red with a touch of orange
MAYBELLINE ColorSensational Vivids in Vibrant Mandarin
Creamy orange with coral undertone
MAC Lady Danger red with a strong orange pull
MAC Morange  creamy orange with white underbase