The Magic

Vintage pink

For such a feminine colour, pink can also be stark, intense and sharp. Cool vs warm, edgy vs sexy, it’s up to you to choose what pink your dreams are made of. Photographs are self-portraits

What could be twice as daring as a red lip? A pink one! Quite possibly the most self-indulgent colour. I didn’t want to overstate my point with really bright lips, you know… the in-your-face kind. I muted slightly these shades and if you want to follow suit, I suggest mixing a nude lipstick or concealer to mix with your already popping shade. Less Scream Pink, and more Ice Cream Pink 😉

For the softer side of pink, I went for a classic 50’s movie star inspired makeup base. Highlights were under painted with white, and a darker shade of foundation was used to contour the face, but no blush. Topped with bold and shapely brows, but instead of the typical liner, I used coral and mint green which were more of a thing in he 30’s. For the mouth I mixed up a concoction of warm pink, with a paler coral in the center. With MAC’s Magenta lip pencil, I created a heart shape, quoting the 20’s and the 40s drawn out mouths.

The second look is my homage to Mega Model Karen Elson. I pared down the makeup: no brows and almost no contour. I even canceled out the slight tan to bring out my red-headed genes. I dis use concealer in a highlighting placement, and a loose highlighter by Jacklyn Hill in Bomb. For the eyes, I got inspiration from flowers: mixing peach, rose, and fuchsia shadows. The lip is a custom mix: concealer first, then built up with pinkish coral tones. Then I bumped it all up with a deep pink pigment by Make Up For Ever. Concealer was used to clean the edges to keep it soft. I did the nails with two different colours, I thought it would complement the pink harmony. Minimal makeup is not about age, it’s about bringing out your bone structure in a flattering way.

The whole shoot is inspired by the work of Cecil Beaton, a photographer and costumer whose work span 1930 to 1970.