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Moody Fall

Pink & Grunge overtones, big dolly eyes. Get ready for a 70s obsession… I’m not sure when I’m going to stop!

Photography & editing by me. Images were shot in natural light. 90% of the editing was to smooth my acne scarred skin.

If you haven’t read the Liza post. F.Y.I  I’m doing a lot research into 70’s makeup. It’s a decade with a lot of different trends and I’m trying to dissect it, and file it in my mind’s eye. I’m focusing my research on London, where Biba and cool fashion magazines made for a great hotbed of creativity. I’d like to give a nod to Liz Eggleston’s blog for not only being amazing eye candy, but very instructive on what was quintessentially 70’s clothing and style in London. 

Daytime Pink

This look is a mixed improv on early 70’s makeup. The brown liner plays second fiddle to support the massive doll lashes. The blush toned pink shades are from the Melt Millennial palette and from Pat McGrath’s Rose Mothership VII Divine Rose, and Rose Decadence. I kept the skin natural, no underpainting with white. I did my base a touch paler, and brought it back with a bronzer (Dior Mineral Nude Bronzer), so I wouldn’t have to use blush and avoid being too dolly, and too retro. This kind of pink wasn’t around in the sixties or the seventies, making it more contemporary.

With darker lips

The lips are in two levels. The natural look is made out of three shades, the darkest is Diorific in Lovely, the midtone is Shu Uemura in Angelic Pink, and the highlight is Balmain Urban Safari. But essentially, they are mauve pink tones, to match my lips. For the darker lip, I just layered DIor’s Addict Lacquer 926, a reddish muted brown, which is available at any Dior counter.