The Magic

The Buddha & The Madonna

Life is a journey, perhaps to find the gold that we carry in our hearts. I was cleaning, and out of nowhere, I had a vision of the Buddha, in a golden light. It inspired me to create these images.
Images are self-portraits, retouching by me.

As the New Moon and Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, were approaching. This idea was the perfect foil to look at the symbolism and iconography of light/gilded/gold in art. After looking at witches, I felt it was time to explore the iconography of Mary, or The Madonna (and child). If Buddha is always depicted with his eyes closed, looking within. Mary, The Mother, looks at us, but with an inner knowing. Both, hint at the illusion around us. Luckily for me, Hollywood is built on the trick of the light.

Of course, I had to put a touch of fashion, through the ethereal, yet very sensual beauty of Jerry Hall. Her long waves of golden hair are heavenly, if not downright divine! This was the perfect occasion to quote this icon of beauty and style. The pictorial focus was on the idea of gold as a symbol of inner light, but also illusion. Looking at Icon paintings of The Madonna, I love how the use of gold makes these paintings come alive. Which led to the decision to do a monochromatic effect.

As you can see I added some light effects with photoshop.
I’d like to thank a friend who’s always been an inspiration. There is some of her in these images, she also has long, luscious hair.

I used Graftobian gold body paint on the body, as well on the cheeks (to contour), and on the lips to add a golden sheen. On eyes, Charlotte Tilbury eye shadows, that look good on mature lids. And guess what? Experience is sexy. You don’t always need to overload the eyes with black. Sometimes a monochrome look is easier on the eye(s)!