Circle of Women

Oh Angie!

You can say what you want about her behaviour, which was probably fueled by drugs. But in the end she raised Ziggy. She was a fiercely protective mother and contributed much of her wardrobe, and of herself into the creation of David’s most celebrated character.

This version is an ode to her avant garde look of the early 70s. When I did my research, I realized that she rarely overshadows David in pictures. I decided to revisit these early looks with curly hair, which Angie, herself sported at the begining of the 70s. What if she was part of the band? What if she got a makover from David’s famed makeup artist, Pierre Laroche? I used a fluorescent eyeshadow as an avant-garde kabuki-esque blush. The eyes and the lips are true blue 70s. And if the lips were red, we’d have famed 70s model Donna Jordan. Earrings are vintage, dress is by Valerie Dumaine

In this interview you can see her energy