The Magic

Pretty White Woman, Is that you?

What is more powerful at conquering countries? Men with guns or beautiful women? When Americans invented Hollywood, they had no idea what powerful magic they made. Although no borders were actually crossed, a few women became dictators,  not of men, but to ideals of beauty. Not even by force, but by charm. “That is how a war is won” would say Sun Tzu, impressed by this new tactic.

Cultures usually faced each other to fight for land and borders. But now faces look at each other, like two people looking at a mirror.  Comparing their genetic heritage.

Before the beginning of the 20th century, Asian and European beauty ideals, were very similar. Pale and rosy skin, a fresh look, like the skin of baby. Those with money and power were not in the fields. Power was always pale. But today, people of the Americas are creating a new way of seeing beauty. We are still Caucasian Europeans with relative pale skin. But there is a lot of people from different countries, and people mix. Not only as coworkers, but as husband and wife. Creating new faces. 

Even back in the beginning of Hollywood, faces from other countries had appeal for the movie producers. People could not travel, and only heard about other cultures. Actors like Rudolph Valentino and Anna May Wong opened a window to the world for Americans. But now North Americans are not as interested in the culture, but the look of the mix of European with other blood.

The makeup is the same. I just changed the lips and highlight color and removed the freckles. I also retouched the skin more, and the light is more soft. Foudation Shiseido Synchro skin in O60, concealer in O40. Brow pencil Shu Uemura in Seal Brow and Chalk Beige. Powder liner in brown by Laura Mercier. Lipstick by Shiseido in RS711.

The women who are the most popular on the American Instagram, are women of mixed race. Sometimes it is evident, but most times it is subtle. This is changing how women see their own face, because now everybody does selfies. They can compare their face. They can go see a plastic surgeon with an ideal that they could not have before.

But that is only the eye of the camera. The mystery of the mystery is that you cannot see what other people see. Yet we try to control, at least in the selfie.

Now that the American Instagram is the new Hollywood. Instead of actors like Anna May Wong, people want to see mix-race faces. As Karma is given back, now Caucasians look at mixed-raced women and desire certain traits. Picking and choosing. In a way it is racist. In another way, it is unavoidable. The future is new mixes we havent’s seen before.