The Magic


Marisa Berenson is one of America’s most iconic faces. She started her career in 1965, appearing on the cover of Vogue with her trademark doe-eyed look. Self-Portrait was edited to remove acne scars on cheeks.

Throughout the youthquake and the rise of youth culture of the sixties, graphic eye makeup was very much in fashion. When I look back at the collection of my digital Vogues, Marisa stands out as one the freshest faces of that period. She appeared right before Lauren Hutton– another fresh-faced beauty. Both helped to shape the emerging American idea of beauty.

Although she does sport the typical crease and big lash look in her first appearance, in 1965. It’s her 1970s makeup style that sets her apart in the “Making Faces” hall of fame. Crystallized by her iconic cover with the huge wispy lashes of the early 70s. While still modeling, Marisa seamlessly continued on to make movies. You can witness her wonderful aliveness in Cabaret and later her more womanly composure in Barry Lyndon, one of the most beautiful historical movies ever shot.

Marisa Berenson on the VOGUE UK cover of September 1968

I personally love the cover and I’v’e always seen it at something I wanted to reproduce. 
You can browse American Vogue’s Archive for more inspiration >>>here

My eye structure is not at all similar to Marisa’, so I used a few Twiggy eye tricks to expand the eye vertically. Instead of the typical banana or graphic crease. For eyeshadow I used Natasha Denona Mini Gold Palette, the green is fantastic! I applied NYX Milk Jumbo pencil on the brow bone and inner corner to amplify those parts of my eye: to make them appear rounder and bigger. I used MAC paintpot in Blacktrack to line the top of the lids, to make them bigger, and to conceal the lashes.

I looked around for individual lashes to reproduce this look but nothing seemed to work. Until I found these lash clusters on Roakel Beauty. I wasn’t sure which ones would work, so I bought Meteorites and Star Flare. Looking back, I should have bough them all! 

All of it is a custom mix of different products. To get similar results, I recommend:
Bite Beauty DayCation Whipped Blush in Radiant Berry. (I used a mauve-y tint on my cheeks)
For a tan look: mix some of Dior’s Backstage in 4 Warm Olive into your foundation, or sheer it out with moisturizer and apply it as a bronzing base. I like the olive undertones of this shade; making it look very realistic on most people with neutral to warm skin tones.

It was my first attempt at this type of lash look, but overall it works! To add more focus to my eyes, I put a head scarf, as I have a huge forehead that can take up a lot of space. I think this is what makes it more hippie chic! It’s also a great festival look for that seventies flower child aesthetic.