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Thrifting on the Glam side of Grungy

Looking to revive your grunge pieces with some new clothing or by thrifting? I took the plunge this fall to get a more elegant (read Vogue inspired) take on the 1990s. Come with me, we’ll be thrifting 1990 grungy glam !

Birth of Grunge 1992

1992 was the year that I started fanatically hoarding fashion magazines… and I still have the stacks to prove it! I still have the very issue when Grunge (with a capital “G”) entered the hallowed pages of American Vogue (December 1992). This was a time when Vogue was THE fashion bible (a time before Instagram!). Grunge came on the wings of the now infamous collection that got Marc Jacobs fired from Perry Ellis. More precisely: for plagiarizing thrift shop finds and remaking them in a deluxe version for a big shot label. That very pink-slip also got Marc Jacobs into the fashion hall of fame for predicting what every twenty-year-old at the time was wearing, or would eventually get the irresistible urge to wear.

Presented in the fall of ’92, the Perry Ellis SS 1993 made Marc Jacobs a household name.

Grungy is in the Mix

Grunge is really a mashup concept. Most of my artists friends and I couldn’t afford nice clothes. We turned to Salvation Army, or thrift shops. We were happily scouring the racks to find the coolest 60s and 70s clothing. Hippie leather coats in burgundy or caramel, bell bottoms, Hawaiian print shirts, cropped 50s sweaters or high rise jeans, lurex tops… You name it, not only was it there– it was dirt cheap. Clothing for the cool art kids and clothing to go out dancing to house music, or to rave at an after-hour club. Thrifting 1990 grungy glam was the way to go to get fashionable looks on an artist’s budget–and you can still do it today.

Top Left : the December 1992 issue of US Vogue consecrating Grunge as a fashion moment, by Steven Meisel. Top Right : Drew Barrymore giving her best 90s rock chick/Marilyn Monroe for Guess. Bottom Right : Madonna bringing back the late 60s hippy chic in US Vogue October ’92. Bottom Center : A velvet moment from US Bazaar September ’93 by Patrcik Demarchelier. Far Right : Kristen McMenamy for Vogue Italia ’92 by Meisel.

Mall-rat like it’s 1990

Walking down the isles of my local fast fashion retailers to get a feel for what’s on offer. They too, are now lined with all the cool attire that my fellow college students could only ever dream of wearing. If only these styles were available at Zellers back then! Now I have to ask myself… Do I indulge… Looks like I did.

30s Flapper goes Grungy

The recipe is really simple… replace the cloche hat for the bucket hat, and voilà: you have a contemporary version of the defiant 30s siren. To get this look I went for a more modern vamp lip by using a reddish brown from Sephora Collection Lipstories in #29 Malt Shake available >>HERE. The dress is FW 2022 and is available from Old Navy >> HERE. The scarf and the tights were thrifted. While the hat is from H&M–I found it in store where it was discounted at 65% off!

thrifting 1990 grungy glam

BIBA’s Grungy Rock Glam

For the ultimate in thrifting 90’s grungy glam looks, this is it! Layer a black rock band t-shirt, over a long sleeve top and add a midi skirt or a vintage pant ! For the makeup I’m quoting my favorite style of the 70s: BIBA except here it’s done with “warm neutral” shadows in ruddy tones and browns, the lipstick is the same as from the previous picture. The Kiss t-shirt I got from H&M 3 years ago along with the floppy hat. While the sweater is from Canadian Retailer Hudson’s Bay, last year’s collection of cashmere. The necklace, gloves, scarf, and purse are thrifted finds. The front pleated, wide-legged corduroy Rivoli pants are from Banana Republic FW 2022 offering, they also come in light pink and dark cherry you can find them >>HERE . Now for the Axel Rose reference… It’s really easy, just put a tall, skinny red-head in a bandana and it just happens! And yes, I’m a red-head, this is just my “grey” hair!

thrifting 1990 grungy glam

These looks are reels on my Instagram