The Look

The Mad Story of Plaid in The City

You can make it Punk or Rock’n’Roll, or visit the country side, or the rolling Scott hills. You can even be Lady of The Manor. It doesn’t matter: this is the story of the mad hatter’s, mad story of Plaid in the city.

I’m very lucky, the year I started my collection of Us Vogue and Bazaar magazines, in 1991, was the very year that the fashion world was undergoing a major revolution. Whether you call it Grunge, or more simply: mixing High & Low, Thrift & Chic, pared down dressing, or even: Gap Khaki’s and a T-shirt. It’s still influencing what we are wearing today.

As a teen, my very fashion virgin eyes had no point of reference to know the difference between uptown and downtown or between chic and laidback. To my eyes, all that I was seeing was fabulous, truly, utterly and madly FABULOUS! With this blog post I’m quoting my fond memories of the naughties, as I affectionately call them!

Plaid Bespoke to Me

There were two, or possibly three, English fashion figures that made a lasting impression on my sartorial taste buds. First one is Vivienne Westwood, second is Alexander McQueen, and lastly Elizabeth II . What do they have in common? Plaid, tartan and that English aristocratic non-conformiste attitude. Or as Vivienne Westwood coined: Anglomania.

To make it even more personal: I’m going to add my own grandma, Emilia, to the mix. I remember her wearing scarfs tied to her head. When I spot the classic 50’s headscarf, I instantly have fond memories of her. If I’m being honest, of Elizabeth II as well. Now that I’m of the age of being a Lady, I feel quite inclined to try some plaid chic.

Plaid has never been so Mad or so Chic, Fall 1993 Vivienne Westwood’s Anglomania and where Naomi falls on her derriere!

Sweet Dreams are made of Plaid.
Aristocratic wear, Scots Guard uniform, school girl skirts, all the way to Rock’n’Roll emblem and lumber jack attire: no other pattern has been the mad partner of sartorial mischief and high elegance like Plaid.

TOP LEFT Linda Evangelista wears Vivienne Westwood’s Fall 93 collection, blending school girl, grand dame and Scots Guard. CENTER Elizabeth II giving her best plaid. BOTTOM RIGHT Alexander McQueen and Sarah Jessica Parker at the Met Gala. BOTTOM CENTER Kurt Cobain.

Our Lady of City Punk

In many of her interviews in the nineties, Vivienne Westwood can barely conceal her girl crush for Elizabeth II. The lady of Punk, miss No Future herself and god-mother to the 70’s English revolutionaries, gushing over the Queen? YESSS! This is English-ness for you! Do you dare to wrap your body into some red tartan, while wearing a vintage velvet skirt and leopard print worn under a lingerie corset to give that hint of Goth Chic. The gloves and the scarf were found in local shops and the purse is Zara from 5 years ago, an astute copy of a Chanel bag. I’m playing Lady of the… Parc X, and channeling my grand mama Emilia. Go pastel goth by wearing a grey lavender lipstick from Sephora Collection Lipstories in N°38 – Off Limits, lips were lined with M.A.C. Cosmetics Nightmoth lip pencil.

The Mad Hatter

This look is my ode to Bruce Webber’s 90s carnival inspired pictures. The printed mesh lined top is vintage, but inspired by Gaultier’s tattoo mesh of the early 90s. Same velvet skirt, which happens to be a vintage Jean-Paul Gaultier, the date is unknow as it was gifted to me. Accessories: bone necklace is from a local African shop and the ribbon is from a package I received. Finally, the white polyester felt Mad-Hatter Hat was freshly bought from a thrift store in the Halloween section.

these looks are reels on my INSTA

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