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Bright & Light 80s

Bright colour-pop lips and black liner eyes, I’m jammin’ the 80’s. I’ve asked Malika for a repeat performance. I really like her vibe, with her short hair and boyish airs, she brings a new perspective to makeup looks. Now let’s have some fun! Continue reading

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The Return of Fierce

Decades seem to be flashbacking. Is fashion going so fast that we can’t find new ideas? And the 80’s just peaked their shoulder pads right around the runway corner, and gaining speed. One of the most mis-quoted fashion and beauty periods is coming back for another review. So here’s my little guide to understanding the 8o’s!

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Instagirls And The Eighties

There is a myth that blondes have more fun. I think that last Saturday, thanks to the help of  Tracy, we proved that brunettes can have as much fun, with a dose of instaglam and a trip back to the 80s… Explanations are on the way! Continue reading