About The Blog

They say things take on a life of their own. When I started this blog in 2015, I was emulating the aesthetics that were portrayed in the Fashion world; “natural beauty”. And I was deliberately ignoring Instagram trends. For me, beauty was in the features of my models.
The opportunity of working with different models from across the board, made me realize that there is no simple formula, and that there is no general rule to “what is beauty”. The blog was taking me deeper into the politics of beauty (race, culture & media). More and more, I realized how subjective these ideas of beauty are.
 With a pause in October of 2019, I took the chance to look back at the work I had done with all these models. And the direction was clear: I like to create characters, more than actually capturing “natural beauty”. 
With the current state of affairs–as of March 2020.  I decided to turn away from the young models that were not the best-suited to play the dramatic women I had in mind. And I turned the camera on myself. By working with my own face, I thought I would be free! But instead, I realized that I had a set of my own limitations. Consuming all these fashion images created what I would call my “Ghosts of Beauty”. Women gracing glossy magazine pages, and movie stills of actresses, both seemed to be my own underlying points of reference.
Slowly the blog turned into a decade-by-decade autopsy of what beauty makeup was to me. Deconstructing the past by looking at iconic images and their makeup, as well as the women that were closely linked to their creation.
I realized that all makeup starts as a means to an end: to seduce the lens, to render beauty like a painter, with a medium that is quite literal compared to its ancestor: paintings and illustrations.
I continue my journey by taking a break as of March 2021, to reflect again on what was created and to see where my explorations in makeup will take me.

If you have any questions or comments, contact me at info@makingupthemagic.com