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The Return of Fierce

Decades seem to be flashbacking. Is fashion going so fast that we can’t find new ideas? And the 80’s just peaked their shoulder pads right around the runway corner, and gaining speed. One of the most mis-quoted fashion and beauty periods is coming back for another review. So here’s my little guide to understanding the 8o’s!

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Making Up The Magic Pale Fire
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Pale Fire

Fall and winter outfits tend to be about blacks, navy’s, and khakis. But sometimes, it’s fun to break the rules, and while I was shopping this season, I saw a lot of blush coloured pieces. It got me wanting to play around with a clean and simple look which… leads to another trend that has been building up over the recent seasons: monochromatic. Combining these two trend is a great way to get a modern, chic look. Continue reading

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The Power of Natural Beauty

I’ve been a big fan of using natural oils for my skincare, and I like to buy them from small crafters, because they put so much passion and love into their products. The current one I had, was running out, and I wanted to try something different. So when Pip brought her Vanya Essential pots, I decided to give them a try.

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Cesar Ochoa-Lea-Valente-Ewa-Bilinska-Cancer
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The Story of Lea: Surviving Cancer & Saving Grace

Lea Valente, went through cancer twice, and she still is shining bright, living life to the fullest, and enjoying every minute. This special guest post will also be also featured in Dress To Kill magazine, this summer. Continue reading

Shani Ewa Cesar
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Festival Girl

So it’s my second fashion oriented post on the blog. I love the hippie look, whether it’s the chic kind or the bohemian style. Of course, I’m not reinventing the wheel here, and it seems the perfect look for summer.
But also because I met the perfect hippie girl, SHANI!

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Face to Face With Carmen Carrera

It had to happen sooner or later, and it…. happened suddenly. I was going home, with nothing particular to do that week, and Cesar, my main squeeze photographer, texted me: “Do you want to shoot Carmen Carrera tomorrow evening?”-Hell yeah! That’s life! Things happen out of the blue. I barely had 24h to prepare for my first celebrity photoshoot!
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Out Of My Fashion Closet

Yes, I’m coming out of the fashion closet. After working for almost 15 years in the fashion biz, and taking a break to explore beauty…It’s time to bring some fashion back into my blog. Let’s face it: beauty and fashion are a match made in heaven, and one couldn’t exist without the other.
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