The Magic

Diwali Lights from BollyTube

For Diwali, I’m sharing my two shining lights (stars) on on BollyTube Sridevi and Rekha. Bollywood opened up a new way of seeing beauty and makeup, and for that, I’ll always be grateful.

From Holly to Bollywood

I’ve been weened on Classic Hollywood and fashion magazines, very Eurocentric types of beauty. When I moved to my current neighborhood in 2000, I discovered Hindustani culture. By way of discovering new dishes at my regular haunts of Punjabi and Pakistani restaurants, I started making my own curries and dishes. And Bollywood? Every Indian restaurant worth it’s salt plays Big Hits for the entertainment of patrons, on Bigger screens. I just couldn’t help but to fall in love.

It was really the ‘BollyTube Land on YouTube that got me into enjoying Hindustani culture. From the dance routines, to the magnificent colour palettes of the costumes and the sets. My imagination was set on fire. Not to mentions some of the “songs” or Mujra‘s are just hauntingly beautiful. It was a slow discovery of Indian culture and it’s celebrations like Holi and Diwali, with it’s lights.

As I began my own research on Indian Cinema on YouTube and discovered Sridevi and Rekha, these women fascinated me by their beauty. As the saying goes: “The world is your mirror!” I realized my fascination stemmed from sharing a similar eye shape and I started pausing YouTube videos to study the makeup techniques.

Rekha in Umrao Jan. The whole soundtrack for this movie is celebrated as one of the most beloved popular music of India.
Sridevi in one of her amazing looks


Now let’s talk makeup. Gold tones and orange will summon the Diwali Lights from BollyTube ! I’ve created colour palettes so you can find makeup in similar shadesin your collection! It doesn’t have to be the same, as long as you follow the colour chart the effect will be similar!

bollywood makeup Diwali makeup inspo;

To get the brightest orange-red sunset colour I used a face paint palette by Wolfe Paints, you can buy them online through amazon or your local professional makeup retailer! I painted the crease, top and lower lash line. To blend out and fade out the bright colour, I used a peach concealer. Any additional blending out of the edges was done with an orange blush by Lethal Cosmetics blush in Neophyte . To create a smoky effect on the lash line, top and bottom, I used an olive taupe shade by Natasha Denona, from the Metropolis palette. It was easier to apply this cream to powder shade over the face paint. The furthest edges (sides of eyes, and “eyebags”) were blended out with a pink shade and a touch of vanilla eyeshadow (use a shadow that is similar to your own skintone). For the gold sparkles, I used an Olive gold because I am fair. But for deeper skintones it’s better to for gold-bronze shades.

You don’t have a to buy a frost or shimmer lipstick: you can make your own! Here I combined two liquid lipsticks from the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet line, one is deep pink, the other in orange, I topped it with a duo-chrome form Theresa is Lethal collaboration palette from Lethal Cosmetics but you can use any shadow of your desire!

This is a more tricky combination as I custom mixed the caramel shade using professional cream products from le Maquillage Professionnel ( known as Maq Pro). Over the caramel blush, I applied Lethal Cosmetics blush in Neophyte, orange/yellow blush, on the apple of the cheek, that has almost no red pigments (it’s not flattering on everyone). In doubt, I recommend anything pink that goes well with your own skin tone!

Morning Lights Colour Story

The eye look is basically all thanks to the new and wonderful Limited edition Theresa is Lethal collaboration palette from Lethal Cosmetics. The combination of the warm rising sun and the cool tones created a warm look! This is the fun of using greys and neutrals: they take on the colour of the light and environment. On the lid, to create the smoky shape, I used a mix of Area 52 and Space Duster and to deepen it all up Plutonian, along the top lash line and the corner smoke. I used a black cream eye shadow to deepen the lash line for that feline effect.

On the lower lash line I used Area 52 and Space Duster as a base and then over it a cream shadow stick in a shabby navy blue shade. Near the inner corners, I used a touch of the Venus Envy shade (bright moss green), I applied the amazing Space Trash shade over this base. It’s a Beautiful gem like shade of baby blue, but more intense!

The lipstick is actually a vintage 90’s lipcolour called Micro Clove by L’Oréal. It was given to me by a friend. I topped it with a mix of Pat McGrath Bronzing shimmers. If you have a brown shade and a warm red, mix them together to get this chocolaty mix and top with some bronze and taupes to get the shimmering lip.

I first contoured the cheeks with Illamasqua Hollow cream colour. I then used a Limited Edition blush by Addiction by Ayako (Japanese brand), No 26 is a red terracotta blush that is very 90’s.