makeup Ewa Bilinska - Photo Cesar Ochoa, miu miu, zara
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The Miu Miu Factor

Miuccia Prada created a foolproof look: flower prints and a young fresh face, with a hint of retro hair, and she turned it into a brand: Miu Miu. Inspired by fall fashions, I got together a total look (makeup and clothes) that echoes this winning combination.

Photography Cesar Ochoa

I like to challenge myself! After doing two smoky eye looks in a row, I needed  a break, and I wanted to work on my “natural” looks. No to mention that shooting one girl a day was getting old! I talked about doing a power test with my photographer, Cesar, and he agreed. Three girls were booked from the Dulcedo agency to work our skills.

When Karina arrived, she was actually the last of the day. She had blue-grey eyes and lush eyebrows, so she didn’t need much to make her camera ready. Like for the rest of the shoot, I wanted to improvise the looks as we went along.

The basic makeup was some NARS concealer, with neutral Stila eye shadows from the now defunct In The Know palette (Rain and Smoke with Ebony for subtle shading), with some blush: Peaked by Ilamasqua. And a coat of Full Bloom Mascara in black by CoverGirl.

The idea was to start with a natural look and then move on to a more made up look, so models had variety for their books. I couldn’t see the previous two wearing the combo of white vintage blouse and bold retro flower print dress,that I found at Zara. But Karina had that really fresh, girly face that could pull off this stunning look.

I kept the makeup exactly the same. Except for some extra lipstick from a limited edition by M.A.C., called Cassis Royale, a mauve-pink shade that looks very fresh and girly on Karina, and some extra brow powder from my trusty Guerlain Eyebrow Kit. I pinned the hair back, and voilà! That’s all you need for fall: great prints and a fresh face.