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Holidaze – Part 1 – The Glitz

I sometimes get crazy ideas. This look was created by layering the colours next to each other. I was inspired by all the jewel tones from the two palettes I bought. I wanted to keep the colours “pure”, and see how bright I could get them for the camera.

Model: Lucrezia at Dulcedo Models.
Wig by Coco.Cristal

Since you can find swatches of these palettes everywhere, I wanted to put them up to the photographic test to see what magic can be created through all the amazing makeup that is available for us! I did also another look under the post Holidaze Part 2.

PHOTOGRAPHIC NOTES I’m confessin’:  it’s tough to photograph the glitter textures of the Pat McGrath shadows. They do show up better in person, or in video, but I had to work a new lighting for these shots to get the glitter to register. If you’ve done session work as a makeup artist, you know how hard it is to make things sparkle! After editing these shots, I still need to improve on the lighting technique to get the Subversive shadows to read the way you see them in person. In Holidaze Part 2 I think I did a better job of lighting the makeup and bringing out the beautiful magical shimmer! But I still like this look!

When I had the idea to use these colours from the palettes, I had a sort of technicolor intense Hollywood glimmer feel. I’ve always had a love affair with old Hollywood glamour portraits. I was also doing a lot of research on 80s makeup. It sort of trickled down into this bold colour idea. It was a leap of faith to see how what I saw in my head would translate to an actual look. I’m really happy how it turned out: a bit of 70s Ziggy, a bit of silent movie star and a rock vibe.  The trick was figuring out how to create the shapes and how much space each color would occupy. I had to take my time to adjust each colour on the lid and line them up wit the shape on the brow bone.  

Making-Up-The-Magic-Holidaze-Pat-McGrath-Natasha-Denona Making-Up-The-Magic-Holidaze-Pat-McGrath-Natasha-Denona Making-Up-The-Magic-Holidaze-Pat-McGrath-Natasha-Denona

It’s really Interesting how the photography changes the effect of the makeup look. Lucrezia has the same makeup in all images. The last one we did without the wig, with her natural hair and the effect of the makeup is completely different! The best angle for the eye makeup was a three-quarter, mostly because of the blue, you can see the rainbow effect and the blue picked up more of the light so you can see the glittery texture.

SHOUT OUT TO COCO.CRISTAL who lent me one of her natural hair wigs so I could transform Lucrezia. You can get in touch with her through her @coco.cristal instagram 

To build this look, I started in the inner corner, where I used the Gold from the Natasha Denona Holiday Joya Palette. I also patted on some of Skinshow Fever shadow from the Subversive Palette to create a bit of dimension, especially in the inner corner. Then I applied the blue on the outer corner, to get that shade I layered  Illamasqua Liquid Metal (limited edition) in deep blue and a limited edition NARS single eyeshadow in Wishful Thinking, a shimmering sapphire blue. For the center colour, I used some M.A.C. Chromagraphic pencil in Magenta as a base for the Fuchsia shadow from the Joya Palette: to make it a bit more pink and more “lit”.

FOR THAT MAGIC finish, I used the Subversive Palette by Pat McGrathI patted in some Night Creature mixed with VR Pink over the pink portion that blends into the blue. I patted on Blitz Amethyst onto the blue portion of the lid. Over the edge of the gold to pink portion, I patted on some VR Pink with Gigabyte. 

BLUE GALAXY LIPS. I lined them with Urban Decay 24h eyeliner pencil in Sabbath,  I applied Kat Von D Everlasting Glimmer Veil in Reverb, a glittery/Glimmery liquid lipstick (available at Sephora) all over the lip. It photographed beautifully, it was so dimensional, it didn’t need any work! In person, it was even more blinding!

COMPLEXION. I used NARS Man Ray blush in Intensely to ad a touch of colour to the pale base I created, as well as to sculpt the cheeks. The base was a bit full coverage so I decided to draw back in some of her freckles. But for some pictures I chose to edit them out in Photoshop. To plump her naturally long, and spidery lashes I used 3 coats of Tony Moly Panda’s Dream in 02 (it’s black black, as good as the Dior Iconic Overcurl but harder to remove).

PS it took 2 hours to do eyes, lips and complexion and contour and highlight (with the painted on freckles).