The Magic

Coachella Babe, be true Baby Blue

It’s that time again, music festivals, hippie dressing. Here is a fun and simple makeup inspired by Agnetha, one of the wonderful ladies of ABBA. 

I love that freedom of carefree dancing outside to music. Although I’m not on the West Coast, I love that California vibe. I’ve been studying seventies makeup for a YouTube video I’m researching, and this makeup is a mashup of disco and Hippie styles. And I came up with this look for one of my comedic reels, which is basically an opportunity to test the video-proof-ness of my makeup style.

I like taking something modern like a Coachella Babe, and giving her a seventies makeover. I love that true baby blue pastel shade that was so popular in the mid sixties and reached out all the way to disco town! Blondes everywhere, and some daring brunettes applied this famous tone that looked fun and glamourous. This particular tone also brings out the delicious colour of a summer tan–whether you indulge in some safe sunbathing or it’s all been faked (like mine). These days, it’s nice to think of a time when things were simple, and people were living the Peace & Love life.

The plastic rhinestones are courtesy of a Dollar Store. They were applied Bollywood style, or traditional Hindi style, depending on how you see Indian culture! Grooovy babay!!!

I hope you take time to have some fun this summer! You don’t need to go to a fancy festival! Just break out the Bluetooth speakers in your backyard and hippie out with your best friends, that’s all you need!

Baby Blue eyeshadow goes back to the 30s. It was popular in the 50s, 60s,70, and early eightes! I did the makeup with modern products. For my brown eyes I didn’t line as much the rims. I could compensate for the blue cast of daylight for my love of Veruschka peach tone skin!


1. Right up In the crease, I used a mix of “Creep it real” and “Take a hint” by Shroud Cosmetics.
2. As I get closer to the lid, I use a pale pastel mint shade, “Chances are” from the “Just My Luck” palette by Colour Pop.
3. Line eyes with a grey eyeshadow of your choice, here I used Portfolio from the Glamazon palette by Scott Barnes.
4. Highlight with a pale bone shade on the brow bone and inner corner, add shimmer or not, it’s up to you!
5. Mascara is a double effort for my baby thin and pale lashes: Essence Volume Boost lash primer,
Maybelline Great Lash mascara. Shiseido eyelash curler.

1. MAC Stone lip pencil and a true tone orange gloss.
2. You can make your own by scrapping some orange eyeshadow into a clear gloss or a balm of your choice. Or pat some orange eyeshadow on your lips and follow with a coat of clear gloss!  Experiments and have some fun!

BLUSH AND BRONZER are a custom mix using Maq Pro cream products. Loose highlighter is Jaclyn Hill in Extra (Limited edition).