Circle of Women

Veruschka – The Never Ending Story

If there is someone to be named Performance Artist of the 20th Century, that would be Veruschka Von Lehndorff.
Image is self-portrait, edited for scars.

Models have always played an ambiguous role in the creative process of fashion. And often their contribution is not always celebrated. For example; we all remember images of the ubiquitous Tiwggy. But we forget that Twiggy is her own creation: from the hair, to the makeup, to her own clothing line (at the time). Today’s self-made women (the Kardashians) haven’t invented anything new. In fact the game of inventing yourself in front of the lens, is what fascinates us.

Before the early 70’s, all the big models did their own makeup and their own hair, and had incredible power over their image. They invented and contributed to fashion, not only by giving it a face, and a personality but also inspiring designers.

Veruschka Von Lehndorff, who as a true artist, invented many of the dramatic tricks we use today, from spidery lashes made out of filaments to feathering eyebrows with thin strokes. She took many of the popular makeup trends and took them to the next level. Much of her creativity made it to the pages of Vogue, but few know she was the mastermind behind all of this. We owe her soooo much! Thank you Veruschka!

Verushka at her most creative, transforming herself.