Circle of Women

Dress Up Box

  Halloween comes and goes, but in my world, it’s always dress up time. I’ve started the season earlier and I’ve also decided to use the “Reels” on Instagram, so you will see each look filmed! You can find me at (or click the Insta logo on this page) account: . Follow me there to see costume ideas for halloween.

Billie Eilish X Elizabeth Taylor

I was lying in bed, nursing my cold, and the Met Gala was streaming live on Twitter. It was really fun to see a new generation of musicians having fun. Especially Billie Eilish! The way she explores a more adult image is very interesting. She seems to have been a fashion magazine nerd in her teens, digging into her mother’s stash! ‘Cause her take on Classic Hollywood Glamour got me excited and inspired. Lime green on the eyes, yes!!! Although she channeled the blonde-haired icons, I saw a possible reference to Elizabeth Taylor, with some Warholian neons. Add a touch of Japanese candy-colored costume jewelry, to take off the edge of this vampy look. You can see a Reel of this look on my Instagram.

50s Flapper

When it comes to timeless Halloween costumes, it’s always about the classics. The fascination with the Flapper Girl, and with her dark mouth, sultry eyes is a favourite on Instagram and in parties. For a little twist on this character, I’ve tried to combine the vampish vibes of the 20’s and 30s with an ethereal 1950s blue eyeshadow makeup. The eyebrows quote Audrey Hepburn but echo Louise brooks’ famous brows. The character is somewhere between Berlin cabaret performer and eccentric Park Avenue lady whose heyday was in the wild twenties.